We are Eloïse.

A team of free-spirited souls bringing a new experience into your home, your weekends, your events and wherever you want Eloïse to be.

We believe in drinks.

We believe the future of drinks lies in craftsmanship.

We believe in craftmanship par excellence.

We believe that there are too many drinks and not enough soulful cocktails.

We believe the soul of a cocktail comes from the intention with which it is created and the attention with which it is prepared.

We believe fine bottled cocktails must create magic – the magic of the new, combined with the intimately familiar.

We believe in the soulful power of thoughtful hands and hand mixed bottled cocktails.

We believe in the power of cocktails.

We believe in love.

We believe in Eloïse.


Eloïse is a handcrafted premium bottled drink brand that takes the bar to your home.

Eloïse bottled cocktails are handcrafted by Oltion Edon – the bartender from The Churchill Bar Graz.

Bottled cocktails must create magic. With Eloïse we are bringing a new experience to your home, your weekends, your events and wherever you want Eloïse to be.